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Moving Africa's

Tembo Provides Innovative Heavy Lifting & Transportation Engineering Solutions

A New African Powerhouse

Tembo is your new, trusted partner in Heavy Lifting and Transportation Engineering solutions in Africa, succeeding Mammoet with a management buyout that carries forward a legacy of excellence since 1996 in the SADC region.

Headquartered in South Africa, Tembo offers a suite of specialised services from industry experts, ranging from advanced transportation and heavy lifting to project management and engineering. We ensure the same unwavering commitment to the renowned service quality and customer satisfaction Mammoet is known for. The workforce of Mammoet South Africa now powers Tembo, promising consistent service and excellent safety standards. Tembo is set to become the new African powerhouse of Heavy Lifting and Transportation solutions with trusted expertise and Mammoet's proven methodologies. Learn more


Tembo is more than just heavy lifting and transport.

We're your African partner in advanced bespoke lifting and transportation engineering solutions. We drive progress to ensure success.

Heavy Lifting

Expertise that goes beyond merely lifting components of exceptional size and weight: our team of experts meticulously devise comprehensive strategies, ensuring the customer's critical assembly plan is safeguarded. Utilising the best equipment available, we devise engineered solutions aimed at neutralising or mitigating delays, guaranteeing smooth and efficient project execution.

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Heavy Transportation

Innovative approaches to move heavy and oversized objects across the Africa. Our expertise goes beyond merely moving components of exceptional size and weight; we meticulously plan and coordinate the arrival of all objects in the precise sequence required. This strategic approach significantly reduces the likelihood of delays and extra costs, ensuring a seamless and efficient operation for our clients.

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Specialised Systems

Tembo leverages extensive experience, engineering expertise, and African terrain understanding to craft bespoke solutions for heavy lifting and transportation challenges. Using specialist techniques like 'jacking' and 'skidding' or specialist equipment like 'gantries', we manoeuvre large and complex loads with precision and efficiency. Our expert team assesses each project's unique requirements, devising innovative solutions tailored to meet clients' needs.

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Tembo offers an extensive fleet of cranes, trailers, and trucks, expertly maintained and operated. With our diverse selection, we provide comprehensive solutions for heavy lifting and transport needs, catering to projects of any size. From lattice cranes to robust trailers and powerful trucks, our reliable equipment and expert service empower you to tackle challenging projects across Africa with confidence.

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Project Management

Our Project Management capability extends beyond mere organisation. Years of experience enables us to be fully sympathetic and understanding to the range of challenges faced by other trades and the interlinking required to achieve project success.

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Who We Are

About Tembo

Tembo leads in heavy lifting and specialized transportation engineering across Africa, offering tailored solutions through our continent-wide network and expert team. We overcome industry-specific challenges, propelling your projects forward.

Our Services

Tembo offers a comprehensive suite of services and equipment designed to tackle the most complex challenges in heavy lifting and transportation engineering throughout Africa.

Whether you need heavy lifting or transportation, or project management we can provide the high-level expertise you need to take the project to completion.

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Heavy Transportation 






What We Do

Our Projects

We have completed a range of successful projects across the African continent. From custom equipment design to heavy lifting and transportation solutions, our team of experts can handle any challenge.


Browse our portfolio to see some of our completed projects and learn more about our capabilities.

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Our Clients

We Value Our Partnerships

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