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Heavy Transportation

Transportation of heavy goods requires a diligent and intelligent planning approach that goes beyond simply maintaining timelines. Tembo’s highly skilled and experienced logistics professionals excel at mapping out the most efficient path to your site, whether it traverses roads, railways, or waterways.


Our expertise ensures the punctual, reliable, and secure arrival of essential machinery like engines, wind turbines and generators. By defining the premier transportation strategy and reducing the number of handovers, we significantly diminish interruptions to construction or retrofitting ventures, propelling facilities to operational status more rapidly and cost effectively.

Expertise that goes beyond merely lifting components of exceptional size and weight: our team of experts meticulously devise comprehensive strategies, ensuring the customer's critical assembly plan is safeguarded. Utilising the most suitable equipment available, we devise engineered solutions aimed at neutralising or mitigating delays, guaranteeing smooth and efficient project execution.


Tembo underpins economic progress with reliable and efficient heavy transport solutions tailored for the rigours of the African continent.

Below is a selection from our extensive heavy transport vehicle fleet. Please get in touch if you have specific requirements or questions.


Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs)

Tembo's Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs) feature a range of 4 to 8 axle lines, with capacities reaching up to 44 tons per axle. Each self-sufficient module boasts an individual engine and precision steering system, allowing for combinations that create expansive mobile platforms. Their 360-degree steering enables complex movements, including lateral shifts, while the hydraulic deck can adjust by 60 cm for vertical load handling. Designed for heavy loads, these carriers are ideal for short-distance, on-site transportation, streamlining the movement of cargo with unparalleled efficiency.


Prime Movers

Tembo's prime movers are heavy-duty vehicles, specially designed for the specific demands of industrial haulage. Primarily deployed to exert force on conventional trailers, this powerhouse is capable of both pushing and pulling massive loads. For particularly hefty transports on public thoroughfares, we can synchronise multiple prime movers, marshalling their collective strength to ensure safe and efficient deployment.

Conventional Trailers

Tembo's high-capacity trailers embody a robust framework, featuring multiple axle lines each supporting up to 40 tons. These trailers are designed for modularity, with the ability to be linked by beams or interconnected to form more substantial transport solutions. They necessitate an external driving force - typically a truck - to initiate movement. For larger loads, a fleet of trucks may be coordinated. To distribute weight uniformly, a load dispersion frame is frequently utilised between the cargo and the hauler. This straightforward and economical approach is perfectly suited for extended-distance travel across public thoroughfares.


Self-Propelled Trailers (SPTs)

Tembo's self-propelled trailers (SPTs) stands apart as an evolution of the conventional trailer, boasting a powerful propulsion unit at the fore. This robust platform is designed to shoulder burdens that surpass the capacity of standard trucks or low-loaders, adept at hauling colossal loads that can tip the scales at up to 36 metric tons per axle line, inclusive of its own mass. Crafted with a standard width of 3 meters, our MMTs maintain the versatility to be relocated efficiently on a regular flatbed truck, ensuring that even the most formidable of loads can be moved with ease across the African landscape.

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