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Our Capabilities

Tembo offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to tackle the most complex challenges in heavy lifting and transport engineering across the African continent.

From initial planning and design to execution and post-project support, our tailored solutions are designed to ensure your project's success. We're used to working in complex environments, often dealing with many interconnected processes.

Tembo offers a comprehensive suite of services and equipment designed to tackle the most complex challenges in heavy lifting and transport throughout Africa. Whether you need heavy lifting or transportation, or maintenance we can provide the high-level expertise you need to take the project to completion.

Heavy Lifting

Tembo combines cutting-edge equipment with highly skilled operators trained to handle lifts of any scale. Our machinery is tailored for Africa's demanding industrial landscape, enabling precise and efficient handling of complex lifting tasks.

With a diverse fleet including high-capacity ring cranes, crawler cranes, rough-terrain cranes, and specialist lifting equipment, we meet the needs of any industrial project.

Our experienced operators prioritize safety and efficiency, minimizing risk and maximizing productivity in every lift. We recognize the pivotal role of reliable heavy lifting in project success and strive for excellence in every operation.

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Heavy Transportation

Tembo blends advanced technology with extensive local insight to tackle Africa's diverse transportation challenges effectively. We tailor custom solutions to meet each project's unique needs, prioritising efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.


From intricate logistics to advanced engineering and specialised transportation, we ensure success for projects of any size or location. 

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Specialised Systems

Tembo leverages extensive experience, engineering expertise, and deep African insight to create bespoke solutions for heavy lifting and transportation challenges.


We employ specialist techniques and equipment like 'jacking' and 'skidding' or 'gantries' and '4 point lifting systems' for precise and efficient manoeuvring of large loads. Our experts assess each project's requirements to devise tailored, innovative solutions that meet client needs to keep within budget and timescales.

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Tembo offers an extensive fleet of cranes, trailers, and trucks, meticulously maintained and operated by our skilled team. Our diverse selection ensures comprehensive solutions for heavy lifting and transport needs, from towering cranes to robust trailers and powerful trucks.


Tembo guarantees reliable equipment and expert service across Africa, empowering you to tackle challenging projects with confidence.

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Project Management

Tembo prioritizes safety and offers turnkey solutions in project management for heavy lifting and transportation. Our dedicated team ensures professionalism and precision, tailoring bespoke solutions to meet unique project needs while adhering to the highest safety standards.


We work closely with clients, always providing comprehensive support from start to finish, to exceed expectations and deliver successful outcomes across Africa.

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