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Specialised Systems

Tembo is able to leverage a wealth of experience, engineering expertise, and deep understanding of African terrain and industry to craft bespoke, turnkey solutions to heavy lifting and transportation challenges.

We utilise specialist techniques such as 'jacking' and 'skidding' to manoeuvre even the largest and most complex loads with precision and efficiency. Our team of experts is trained to assess each project's unique requirements and devise innovative solutions tailored to meet our clients' needs.

One of our key strengths lies in our use of portable 3D LIDAR technology to map the most optimal routes, whether traversing cross-country roads or navigating through industrial complexes. This enables us to identify the most cost-effective and reliable means of achieving project success while minimising downtime.

Tembo delivers unparalleled expertise and ingenuity in overcoming the toughest heavy lifting and transportation challenges.


Skidding Systems

Skidding is an efficient method for moving heavy loads like offshore platforms or buildings. It utilizes a metal track with Teflon blocks to reduce friction, enabling smooth movement. A skid shoe, with a stainless steel bottom and load-carrying structure, slides on top of the blocks. A horizontal push-pull cylinder, fitted to the skid shoe, facilitates movement along the track. After expansion, the cylinder locks into slots on the track, moving the load. The process repeats for further movement.


While simple and robust, skid tracks are limited to straight lines, affecting maneuverability. Load spreading or foundation support is necessary to bear the weight of the load.


Jacking Systems

Hydraulic jacks offer a specialised capability for lifting heavy loads with precision. Available in a variety of models, sizes, and capacities, they can be operated manually or with a power pack. These versatile tools find application in a wide array of scenarios, particularly in confined spaces where other lifting devices cannot access.  


Additionally, Hydraulic jacks excel in tasks requiring the application of tension to chains or cables, showcasing their adaptability and utility across diverse applications.


4 Point Lifting System

The 4 Point Lifting System offers a versatile solution for lifting operations in confined spaces. Its compact design and cost-effectiveness provide advantages over cranes of similar capacity. This lifting device comprises four towers supported on wheels running on track sections consisting of parallel beams tied together at regular intervals. The jacking towers' cylinders extend or retract to lift or lower the load.


The towers can also travel longitudinally to transport loads horizontally once lifted, further enhancing its functionality and utility in various applications.


Mobile 3D LIDAR

We employ cutting-edge technology and techniques to enhance our project management capabilities. This includes the use of comprehensive route studies prior to project commencement using the latest topographic 3D LIDAR surveying. By leveraging advanced tools and methodologies, we are able to optimize project timelines and minimizse potential route disruptions, resulting in efficient and cost-effective project delivery.

Tembo's project management capability is unmatched in the industry, enabling us to successfully gain new clients throughout Africa and deliver exceptional results on every project.

Gantry Systems

A gantry comprises multiple legs (towers) and an overhead beam or girder construction. Hydraulic gantries feature hydraulic legs that allow for higher lifts by retracting their legs, which may be built over a foundation.

When load movement is necessary, the entire gantry travels on a gantry track. Unlike conventional gantries, they do not rely on lifting devices such as winches or strand jacks, highlighting their advanced and efficient operation.

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